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Sam Marx

Although I have spent well over a decade passionately pursuing perfection in my photographs, I continually commit myself, combining experience and innovation to create truly unique, influential work. Much of my inspiration comes from the cinema - the deep, rich shadows of film noir, hyper real technicolor films from the 50's, and stark lighting effects of postmodern photography. As a result, I created Third Space LLC - to best express my style.

I believe that connection comes from positive rapport and communication, the comfort and familiarity that allows those special, timeless moments to occur and be captured. I strive to make my client feel comfortable and at ease, so that they might allow my camera a glimpse at their true self.

My work centers on creating innovative use of lighting and lighting effects. It is the result of actively using the tools of my trade to manipulate and mold light for the sake of materializing a vision.

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