Event Photography On-line Pricing

Selling photos online can be a lot like spear fishing…it depends on your equipment, your experience and skill, the size of the fish you’re ‘hunting’, the size of your ‘river’, the season, and of course your timing… Why did I choose spear fishing? Because my first thought was crab fishing, but let’s get “reel”…Seriously though, [...]

Preparing To Photograph A Wedding

Being a wedding photographer is a multidimensional effort, starting with an introduction to the bride and groom, continuing through the moment you deliver your clients’ album(s), discs, etc., until often weeks later, when aunt Harriette orders last-minute prints from somewhere in Canada. It’s knowing your betrothed (clients) – their likes, dislikes, style, family and friends, [...]

How Much Should I Charge?

The short answer to this question is simple…Charge Something! This subject is a touchy one that turns people on their heads, makes their palms sweaty, keeps them from calling back a potential client, and keeps many in the back of the food line. It’s a sensitive topic, one that I will address in four parts: [...]

Legalities…Protect Your ASSets

Remember that scene, from Office Space, when one little decimal place made the difference between a few cents and $305,326.13 (not to mention a possible stay at a “federal-reserve-pound-me-in-the-4$$-prison”)? “…I must have put a decimal point in the wrong place or something…I always mess up some mundane detail…” Well, running a business where intellectual property [...]